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Fresh Waters & Citron Body Cleansing Spray

Fresh Waters & Citron Body Cleansing Spray

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A rinse-free, shower in a bottle that removes sweat, dirt, oil, odor, and deodorizes and moisturizes the skin. Be clean and fresh anytime, anywhere.

💦  RINSE-FREE CLEANSING SPRAY.  Spray the body and wipe off with a cloth or towel. Rinse-free. No water needed.

💦  DEODORIZES. Deodorizes and removes odor causing bacteria.

💦  REPLENISHES MOISTURE.  Replenishes moisture back to skin. Won't dry out skin.

💦 GENTLE, PLANT-BASED INGREDIENTS. No parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or PEGS. No synthetic fragrance. No alcohol or dyes.

💦 LIGHT SCENT.  Natural fragrance oil energizes the senses with a fresh scent of bergamot and citrus.

💦 SHOWER IN A BOTTLE FOR YOUR LIFESTYLE NEEDS. Whenever you need to be clean and fresh- home, gym, school, office, hiking, camping, traveling, exercising, sports athletes, first responders, on-the-go, busy parents, seniors, kids, families, injured, post-surgery, bedridden, physically disabled.

How It Works

Spray directly onto the body. Wipe with cloth. Allow about 1 minute to dry.

Lock Button Technology

Powerful trigger sprayer with locking button for easy portability.

Good for people. Good for the planet.

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