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Green Commitment

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What started as a personal quest to find a more natural and eco-friendly way to wipe, quickly transformed into a company mission to clean up more than just our own rear-ends.

It is our mission to lessen the burden that wet wipes, both flushable and non-flushable, place on sewer systems, water treatment facilities, and landfills, and to help protect our natural bodies of water from contamination.

We also strive to lessen our impact on the earth, so we reuse, reduce, and recycle where we can. We package and ship our products using minimal fluff. Our bottles, packaging, and shipping material are made from recycled or recyclable material.

Why Are Wet Wipes Causing a Stink?

In the last 10 years demand for wet wipes has increased by 50%, which means an increasing number of people have a much cleaner rear-end, but an increasing number of wet wipes are being disposed of in the trash and toilet. Residential plumbing, city sewers, water treatment facilities, and landfills were not built to handle this increased load (pun intended). 

Wet wipes clog pipes, fatbergs, FOG, endanger marine life


Stop! Can't flush this!

Wet wipe manufacturers still insist wet wipes are flushable. But consumers, governments, and legislatures vehemently disagree. Consumers have filed multiple class-action lawsuits against wet wipe manufacturers for damage to their plumbing and homes caused by flushing "flushable" wet wipes. Cities, including Minnesota, New York, and Iowa, have filed multi-million-dollar lawsuits against wet wipe manufacturers alleging they falsely labeled their products as flushable when it is clear that they are not. Multiple states are trying to pass legislation to restrict and regulate the marketing of wet wipes as "flushable" and to set more formalized industry standards. The FTC is cracking down and forcing wipe manufacturers to remove "flushable" claims from packaging.  

With Pristine, you can keep the comforts of wipes, without the chemicals and clogged pipes. Join the Pristine movement to lessen the negative impact of wet wipes on the environment and your plumbing!



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