Our Mission

What started as a personal quest to find a more natural and eco-friendly way to wipe, quickly transformed into a company mission to clean up more than just our own rear-ends.


Problems that can be caused by wet wipes and flushable wipes


In the last 10 years demand for all types of wet wipes (for the bottom, body, face, and hands) has increased by 50%! Which means an increasing number of people have much cleaner rear-ends and bodies, but an increasing number of wet wipes are being disposed of in the trash and toilets. Residential plumbing, city sewers, water treatment facilities, and landfills were not built to handle this increased load (pun intended).


Our Purpose

Cleaner Products. Cleaner Planet. Cleaner Posterior...and People.

Row of Icons indicating: Naturally scented. Dermatologist tested. Time-tested. Biodegradable ingredients. Made in USA. Sewer & Septic safe. Recyclable materials.

It is our mission to lessen the impact that wet wipes can place on plumbing, sewer systems, water treatment facilities, and landfills, and to help protect our planet and natural bodies of water from potential contamination from sewage overflows and single use plastic waste. We are committed to curating safe and time-tested personal care products that replace the use of wipes - body wipes, wet wipes, hand wipes, and more to come.

We also strive to lessen our impact on the planet, so we reuse, reduce, and recycle where we can. We promote reusing, refilling, and recycling our bottles. We use minimal fluff for packaging and shipping Pristine products, and our materials are made from recycled or recyclable material.

Join the Pristine movement to lessen the impact of wipes on the planet and your plumbing!


Our Partners

Here's a few eco-initiatives of our USA based manufacturing partner.

Our USA based manufacturer is - powered by 100% wind energy, USDA organic certified, employees are trained in recycling best practices, chooses cruelty-free, sustainable, and natural ingredients, and partners with local organizations that support the environment.