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Getting to the "Bottom" of Pristine

More About Pristine

Proud Of Our Ingredients

Pristine is made with clean, time-tested ingredients.  We chose high quality ingredients over synthetic fillers and substitutes. Never any harsh chemicals.

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Green Commitment

What started as a personal quest to find a more natural and eco-friendly way to wipe, quickly transformed into a company mission to clean up more than just our own rear-ends.

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The History Of Butt Wiping

Stones, corn on the cob, magazines, and the communal sponge-on-a stick.  If it was close and relatively smooth, humans have used it to wipe. 

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Great Product!

Nice way to stay fresh and feel clean without using babies wipes. Yes, we have had the plumber out a few times telling us the wipes were the problem. Even though they do a great job, not good for our old house pipes and our wallet, I saw this Pristine Spray on Shark Tank and knew right away I needed to try this new idea. Thank you for the neat and cheap way to replace the wipes, and our plumbing bill.


Love the light floral scent! It's pleasant and soothing, almost like lavender. I don't buy cheap toilet paper, so I've had no issues with paper falling apart. This is an environmentally sound alternative to (non) flushable wipes. No clogged pipes or gross wastepaper basket disposal. I'd also like to compliment this company on a wonderful work ethic. They were responsive and extremely fair when a small shipping problem occurred. Very good people! Good product too!

Worth Every Penny

This product is amazing and worth the extra few dollars compared to the others!! Very subtle clean fragrance. Also some of these other sprays wet your toilet paper to much and causes it to tear. This spray is more of a light oil and perfect on even thin toilet paper. My kids love it !!


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