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Our Story

"Our business is cleaning up your business.
Sure, it's not a sexy job.  But, poop jokes never get old,
and we have created a product that solves a problem for many people
and that also helps the environment.  That feels good!"
Pristine founders and co-owners posting with #1 spray to wipe #2 away sign

We are Brandon and Jess - first cousins and co-founders of Pristine. We are both attorneys by trade, but we left our law practices to create Pristine.  Here is our story!

Jess is a mom of three, which means that, at one time, she wiped four butts daily. She is essentially a butt wiping expert! Several years ago, her newborn daughter was suffering from severe diaper rash and skin irritation.  She tried nearly every brand of diapers and wipes, but the problems persisted.  Even the wipes labeled as "natural" would cause abrasions on her daughter's skin because the synthetic fabric in the wipes was rough. She consulted her pediatrician who said "ditch the wipes." So, she did.  She was relegated to washing her daughter's bottom in the sink with warm water and mild soap after every poop! It worked, but this method was not sustainable for a busy mom.

To boot, her son (4 years old at the time) was learning to use the potty on his own.  She had given him "flushable" wet wipes (as opposed to dry toilet paper) to help with the monumental task of wiping. But, he was flushing the wipes.  And, guess what?  They didn't flush, they clogged. After a flooded bathroom and yard, she ditched those wipes too.

"I needed another option that did not contain harsh chemicals
and that was friendly to my plumbing and the environment.
I did not find any other wiping options that are easy
and functional for a busy mom and a new potty user.
But, I did find tens of thousands of other parents
with the same issues!"

At the same time, Brandon was an adult wet wipe user.  He didn't pick up the habit, he just . . . never really quit from childhood. One day, he developed a skin irritation.  It persisted for some time until he realized it was his wipes. He too had to ditch the wipes, but the comforts that wipes provided were not easily forgotten. Brandon transitioned to wetting toilet paper and paper towels in the sink, something that every adult wipe user has begrudgingly tried in a pinch.  Anyone who has tried this knows that it simply doesn't work, but there was no other option! He consulted with Jessica, the butt-wiping guru.

We were surprised to find that we both had similar issues with wipes.  We both needed an alternative. 

"We found that there was no mainstream alternative
to wet wipes. So we created one!"

We knew that we wanted a spray solution that would work with toilet paper for Jess's son and Brandon. But the spray also had to be gentle and work for diaper changes too. We were incredibly selective with the ingredients that we chose. Jess is a self-proclaimed naturalist and a diligent label reader.  She has a laundry list of ingredients that she will not use on herself or her family. We approached the creation of Pristine the same way when choosing ingredients. We chose only the highest quality and most natural ingredients that we had thoroughly researched and deemed safe for ourselves and our families.

We created and tested hundreds of different formulas, literally mixing batches in our kitchens with hair nets, beakers, and boiling pots of water.  After months of R&D and testing, consultations with chemists, and discussions with manufacturers, we developed a spray formula that is effective enough for a grown man's rear-end and gentle enough for a baby. Pristine is now proudly manufactured in the United States.

Since the inception of Pristine, Brandon is happy to report that he can maintain his superior personal hygiene habits by discretely carrying a bottle of Pristine in his pocket, and he has not had another bout with skin irritation.

Jess is thrilled to announce that her daughter has not had even one instance of rash or skin irritation since she began using Pristine several years ago.  She now has a new baby girl. Jess's son is now an expert butt wiper - no more itchy, stinky rear-end, and no more skidmarks on his undies!

Sure, conversations about poop, the potty, and wiping can be uncomfortable and embarrassing, but we are unabashedly excited to share our experiences and product.

"is it weird that we are super proud of our butt cleansing spray?
To the world of adult wet wipe users, parents, and kids,
we've got your back...side!"


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