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Activate Auto-Delivery & 10% Off | Any 4 oz Toilet Paper Spray

Activate Auto-Delivery & 10% Off | Any 4 oz Toilet Paper Spray

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Here's how it works:

💧 Select how often you want to receive the 4 oz bottle of your choice.

💧 Pay $0 today to lock in a permanent 10% discount with no commitment.

💧 Receive your first shipment for 10% off at the end your first shipping interval (e.g., if you choose 3 month shipping intervals, your first order will arrive at the end of 3 months).

💧 At any time and for no charge, adjust your shipping interval, skip/pause shipments, or cancel your subscription.


Pay $0 today to activate your subscription in order to lock in a permanent 10% discount on your future orders for as long as you are subscribed.  Choose when you want your first delivery to occur, and we will wait until then to ship your first order.  Your payment method will be charged $12.59 once your first order is processed, and we will continue to deliver your Pristine based on the shipping interval that you selected (all at 10% off!).  There are no fees, and you can cancel anytime.

Now, you won't be caught with your pants down . . . without Pristine!  

Pristine toilet paper spray wet wipe alternative badges - recyclable materials, made in USA, biodegradable ingredients, flushable, sewer and septic safe


Spray Pristine on regular toilet paper to create an actually flushable wipe.
Biodegradable. Sewer and septic safe.
No more clogs. No more costly plumbing bills.

How It Works

Spray Pristine 3-5 times onto folded toilet paper (or to desired moisture).
Wipe. Flush! Yes, flush. It won't clog pipes!


Pristine toilet paper spray wet wipe alternative five star reviews


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