Accessibility - Highlights of Pristine Toilet Paper Spray (Product Page)

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Highlights of Pristine Toilet Paper Spray listed on each Product Page.

Superior Hygiene - Adds natural cleansing, moisturizing, and soothing ingredients to your toilet paper helping toilet paper glide across the area or a superior cleansing experience that will leave you feeling completely clean and refreshed.

Naturally Scented - Naturally scented with a dab of essential oils or essential oil blends. Fragrance Free spray is completely free of fragrance and masking agents.

Clean Ingredients - Formulated and made in the USA with clean, time-tested, and plant-based ingredients. Never any harsh ingredients.

pH Balanced for the backside - pH balanced to match the pH of the backside (perianal skin).

Flushable, and sewer and septic safe - Specially formulated to work with all types of toilet paper, so you can flush confidently knowing you won't clog pipes or septic tanks.

Planet Friendly - Made with biodegradable ingredients. The Pristine + toilet paper duo won't create fatbergs, cause sewage spills, or wind up in landfills.

Long Lasting - 32 oz Refill bottle can last 6 months+; refill your 4 oz and 1 oz bottles.

Discreet and Portable - 1 oz travel size is TSA compliant and easily portable.