Toilet Paper Spray:  What is it, and why is it quickly becoming an eco-friendly bathroom revolution?

Toilet Paper Spray: What is it, and why is it quickly becoming an eco-friendly bathroom revolution?

What is toilet paper spray?  Short answer:

  • Toilet paper spray is sprayed directly from a bottle onto toilet paper to moisten the toilet paper so that it functions like a wet wipe or baby wipe.
  • Toilet paper sprays provide the cleansing comforts of wet wipes or baby wipes, while avoiding the tendency to cause plumbing issues at the home or city level.
  • Toilet paper spray can provide additional benefits over wet wipes and dry toilet paper, including moisturizing properties, freedom from harsh chemicals, portability in pockets, purses, and diaper bags, and fun for the kids too!
  • Toilet paper spray provides the next step in the evolution of bathroom hygiene, for the consumer who desires a hygienic bathroom experience with reduced impact on the environment.

Over the last 500 years, we graduated from corn husks and communal sponge-sticks to two ply toilet paper as our preferred wiping method in the bathroom.  However, a recent trend toward improved hygiene has led people to seek other wiping methods to increase cleanliness and comfort.  Society has looked primarily to wet wipes to offer the improved cleansing experience after restroom use.  However, while wet wipes are a great resource for improved hygiene and comfort, they are currently wreaking havoc on plumbing, septic tanks, sewage systems, and water treatment facilities.

This begs the question:  if people are looking for improved hygiene, and the only current options have disadvantages, are there other options?

Yes, it’s called toilet paper spray, and it is the best of both worlds!

What Is Toilet Paper Spray?

Toilet paper spray (or toilet paper moistener) is a brand new concept, so it is worth defining.  Toilet paper spray is a spray used to moisten toilet paper in order to make it function similarly to a wet wipe.  You simply spray it directly onto toilet paper and use as usual.  For example, watch toilet paper spray in action in this “How To” video.

The goal of toilet paper spray is to offer the comfort of wet wipes without the baggage that comes along with them.

Toilet Paper Spray: What Are the Benefits Over Wet Wipe and Dry TP?

 1)  No Clogged Pipes.

As we discussed at length in another blog post, increased flushing of wet wipes and baby wipes have led to serious issues across the world costing taxpayers millions of dollars.  Many people are looking to lower their impact on the environment.  At the very least, many people are looking to lower their plumbing bill.

As we have explained, wet wipes do not disintegrate as easily as toilet paper after flushing due to differing material properties.  Wet wipes are made with non-woven synthetic fibers that make it more difficult for a wipe to degrade after flushing.  Toilet paper, on the other hand, degrades fairly quickly.  You can watch a Consumer Reports video comparing degradeability here.

This is the beauty of toilet paper spray – it is used with toilet paper, which is already known to disintegrate quickly!  Therefore, you can flush with a guilt-free conscience knowing that you are not damaging your plumbing, the city’s plumbing, or populating landfills with intact wipes.

 2) Comforts of Wipes with No Harsh Chemicals.

We have discussed the debate between wet wipes vs. toilet paper in detail.  Many people are switching to wipes over dry toilet paper because they just don’t feel clean enough otherwise.  This is a very common complaint that has adults and kids alike running to the comforts of wet wipes.

However, many wipes have harsh chemicals or drying agents that you may want to avoid on your own skin or on your children’s skin.  Chemical-Free is “in”! Twitter, Instagram, Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, and the entire interent are crawling with people energetically searching for more natural and chemical-free alternatives to products that we use daily.  The public wants green and clean products.

Toilet paper spray offers this!  For example, Pristine toilet paper spray was crafted with the green conscience in mind.  Pristine uses 100% pure oils, safe cleansing ingredients, and avoids harsh chemicals to provide a safe, effective, and unique cleansing method.

3) Lightweight and Portable.

Wet wipes can be heavy and cumbersome.  A large package of wet wipes can really weigh down a purse or diaper bag, and it is virtually impossible to carry in a pocket.  If you remove wipes from a large packet, then you risk the wipes drying out or wetting your pocket or purse.  The problem with “singles” (one wipe in an individual package) is that you never know how many you will need.

Toilet paper spray solves these problems.  For example, a lightweight travel-sized 1 oz bottle is equivalent to 50 wet wipes(!) and fits easily into pockets, purses, and diaper bags to take with you while on the go. An at-home 4 oz bottle is equivalent to 200 wipes for convenience on the potty at home.  Toilet paper sprays ensures that you never have to worry about sore diaper bag shoulders, wet pockets, or running out of wipes.

4)  Bonus:  Toilet paper spray doubles as an air freshener! 

 Toilet paper spray can have the added benefit of functioning as an air freshener.  Toilet paper spray can include natural essential oils that offer pleasant aromas that freshen the air.  Go ahead and spray it a few times into the air before use, you’re going to need it!

5) Wipes are no fun!

Potty training can be a daunting task – we know!  There is really no reason to want to wipe your own butt when mom and dad have been doing it for you!  And why would you want to wipe with dry toilet paper that leaves you itchy and uncomfortable after you’ve grown accustomed to having a sparkling behind from wet wipes?  We don’t blame you kids!

Toilet paper spray offers a fun alternative for kids to segue into toilet paper. It offers the comforts of wet wipes, and a fun interactive way for kids to clean, while helping to teach the use of dry toilet paper (which is unfortunately the only option in most public restrooms).  Kids have said the spray is “super smooth and mommy loved the smell.” Parents can use it at the changing table along with paper towels or reusable cloth.

How do I use toilet paper spray?

While this is a new concept and can be confusing, there are only three easy steps:

  1. Fold toilet paper.
  2. Hold toilet paper spray about 2 inches from toilet paper.
  3. Spray 3-5 times.

And there you have it!

We have answered some additional questions on how to use toilet paper spray on our website.

For example, does toilet paper spray cause the toilet paper to tear?  Nope!  This has been tested on the thinnest of toilet paper with success.  However, if you have trouble with tearing, try folding the toilet paper twice.

Is your toilet paper less wet than you would like it?  If so, try spraying the toilet paper with the toilet paper spray 5 or more times.

Who uses toilet paper spray, and should I take the plunge?

The benefits of toilet paper spray are useful for many types of people.  In particular, we have heard many praises from the following:

  • Parents! Parents looking for a lightweight, long-lasting, economical, chemical-free, eco-friendly way to clean their children love toilet paper spray.  It is a great tool before, during, and after potty training to introduce your child to good hygiene and eco-friendly habits!
  • Adult Wet Wipe Users: Yes, there are millions of us, even though we don’t talk about it.  We have written extensively about your secret life, and we empathize. Toilet paper spray can be left guiltlessly on your toilet at home, and no one will know your secret.  You can also take it anywhere you go so that you don’t have to have wet pockets or an uncomfortable rear all day.
  • Travelers: Business and leisure travelers alike, we all know what it is like to have to use the restroom at an airport, and then to have a long day of travel with a less-than-clean rear.  That is a day ruiner if there ever was one.  Toilet paper spray can be carried easily on planes (see Pristine’s 1 oz bottle) and can give you that sparkling feel when you need it the most.
  • At the office: If you aren’t lucky enough to do your business before work, toilet paper spray can support your bathroom office visits.  We can commensurate with wet pockets and purses from hurriedly stuffed wet wipes prior to bathroom visits at work.  Toilet paper spray can discretely be slipped into your pocket or purse for use at the office bathroom.  The air freshening qualities leave your stall better than it was before you entered.
  • Hikers/Bikers/Campers/Runners: Ever been in the woods or in the middle of a race when nature calls?  If you have regularly hiked, biked, camped, or run, this has certainly happened to you.  You can never predict when this will happen, so it is always best to be prepared.  Why be uncomfortable for the duration of your hike or race when you can carry a lightweight bottle of toilet paper spray?  It is sure to prevent a day’s worth of chaffing and discomfort.

How can I take part in the toilet paper spray revolution?

We’re so glad you asked! If toilet paper spray is what you seek, you can find our high quality sprays at or by searching for "Pristine Sprays" on Amazon.  We are happy to answer any additional questions that you may have at

Tell us about your experience with toilet paper spray in the comments below.


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