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When Nature Calls

Oh, The Places You'll "GO"!

Restroom Grand Canyon South Rim Bright Angel trail, pit toilet, do not flush wet wipes
You're off to great places. Today is your day.
Your mountain is waiting, but will it have a toilet or must you carry away?


You are prepared to be one with nature, but what do you do about your number two? Likely, there are toilets or pit toilets available. But, National and State parks, natural areas, recreation areas, and campgrounds do not permit wet wipes to be flushed or disposed of in toilets, port-o-potties, or pit toilets.

You've heard the phrase, "leave nothing behind." The same mantra applies to the restroom. Wet wipes are typically made from plastic resin, so they do not break down or biodegrade. Even the so-called "flushable" wipes may separate into smaller pieces, but they do not break down quickly or completely. Wet wipes simply are not an environmentally responsible option. Plus, they are heavy and add a lot of weight to your pack.

Zion National Park, woman standing in front of port-o-potty with Pristine toilet paper spray, don't flush wet wipesWhen nature calls, you don't have to rough it though, so long as you've packed the Pristine! Pristine toilet paper spray is a biodegradable liquid that is sprayed onto toilet paper so that the combo functions like a wet wipe. Toilet paper + Pristine is a soothing, cleansing, biodegradable duo that ensures you leave nothing behind (pun!).  For wherever you may go, Pristine is there for when you need to "GO." Pristine comes in a portable 1 oz travel bottle to fit compactly in a day-pack, weekend, multi-day, or extended trip-sized packs!

RV Camper site at hook ups, don't flush wet wipes in black tank, toilet paper spray alternativeDon't Let Wet Wipes Stall Your Road Trip

Be informed on what you can and cannot flush. If you are cruising in an RV or camper, you've got the luxury of a private toilet or pop-up. But, flushing wet wipes still is not an option. RV's require use of RV safe toilet paper that breaks down easily so that the black tank and dump stations will not get clogged.
> Pristine works with RV safe toilet paper. 
> Biodegradable formula!
> 4 oz bottle = 200 wet wipes, so it lasts for the long hauls.
> Won't clog black tanks or dump stations.

Whether you're cruising, camping, or climbing, Pristine's got your back...side!



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