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Pristine For Kids

eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes, no synthetic fragrance, non-clogging, septic safe, sewer safe, toilet paper spray, helps with potty training.

 What It Is

Pristine toilet paper spray is an eco-friendly and more natural alternative to wet wipes for kids who are learning how to use the potty and need help with wiping effectively. Pristine promotes good hygiene for kids and facilitates wiping for new and seasoned potty users. 

How It Works

Pristine is taking care of business in the bathroom! Witch hazel gently cleanses and works as an anti-inflammatory (for those rigorous wipers). Pure oils and aloe help to loosen and remove poop and mildly lubricate toilet paper allowing toilet paper to gently glide across the skin making it easier to effectively wipe.

Spray 3-5 squirts of Pristine onto toilet paper, wipe and flush. Yes, flush! No clogged pipes and no nasty wet wipes sitting in the garbage can!

Girl on toilet, potty training with Pristine Sprays, spray toilet paper, wipe and flush.

Pristine 4 oz size comes in three labels - Princess, Dragon and Original. Pristine Original 1-ounce size makes it easy to carry in a school backpack, purse, or pocket.

Preparing for the Potty with Pristine

Pristine is the perfect partner for the potty if your potty-trainee or big kid: is learning to use the potty, has difficulty wiping, has trouble cleaning off all the poop from his/her bottom, uses 1/2 a roll of toilet paper to wipe, clogs the toilet with mounds of toilet paper, wipes too rigorously (possibly breaking skin), has a smelly bottom, has an itchy bottom, has an irritated, chaffed, or dry bottom, suffers from frequent UTIs, has skidmarks in his/her undies, has trouble wiping effectively, "holds it" throughout the school day, clogs pipes with wet wipes, stinks up your restroom by placing wipes in the garbage can, or otherwise poops.





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