Pristine For Diapering

Eco-friendly, natural alternative to baby wipes, bottom freshener for diaper changes, free from harsh chemicals, no synthetic fragrance, safe homemade cloth diaper solution, diaper area wash.

What is it? 

Pristine can be used as a cloth/dry wipe solution, cloth/dry wipe spray, bottom spray, rinse-free diaper area wash, cleanser of sticky hands & faces, wiper of public changing tables, and, basically an eco-friendly and more natural alternative to baby wipes, but better.

Directions for Diapering

  1. Spray desired amount of Pristine onto reusable cloth, disposable dry wipes (e.g., 100% cotton dry wipes or paper towel squares), or directly onto baby’s bottom
  2. Gently wipe clean
  3. Dispose of disposable wipe in diaper pale or launder cloth wipes as directed

Diaper rash? Irritation? Sensitive Skin? 

Your wipes may be the culprit. Diaper rash can be caused by irritation from diapers, but it can also be caused by irritation from chemicals or synthetic fibers in some wipes.  Pristine has NO HARSH CHEMICALS or cheap fillers and is made from high-quality ingredients, including 100% pure oils and essential oils. The formula is gentle enough to be spayed directly onto your baby’s bottom!

Crunchy mama? Skip the drama of homemade wipes.

You no longer have to concoct a homemade wipe solution in your kitchen or worry whether you properly diluted or preserved your solution. We’ve done the measuring for you. Thought about mold and bacteria? We did. Pristine is blended with a naturally-derived, mild, yet effective preservative to ensure you’re not wiping on mold or bacteria when you’re wiping off the poop. 

How does this work on the go?

You’ll need 2 things: (1) cloth wipes, disposable dry wipes, or paper towel squares, and (2) Pristine. Sound like a hassle? It’s really not. The equivalent of 50 wipes is in each tiny 1-ounce bottle that fits easily into any purse, pocket, or diaper bag.  

Bonus 1 - Pristine does not dry out like wipes!

Bonus 2 - Pristine smells great so that you can freshen the air or those dirty diapers before throwing them in the trash!


It is important to remember that a baby’s skin is delicate and unique and can be or become sensitive to even the most natural and gentle substances. Pristine Sprays uses Ylang Ylang essential oil that is carefully diluted with two carrier oils.  Some online resources for essential oil safety and guidelines recommend refraining from using Ylang Ylang on babies under 2 years old, while other literature classifies Ylang Ylang as safe for babies under 2 years old. 

Since each baby’s skin is unique, patch test before use:  Apply a small amount of Pristine Sprays to baby’s arm or leg. Wait 24 hours to see if there is a reaction. If a reaction occurs after a patch test or at any time thereafter (i.e., redness or inflammation), discontinue use.