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Pristine For Adults

Natural eco-friendly toilet paper spray, free of harsh chemicals, safer alternative to wet wipes, won't clog pipes.

Why Should Adults Use Toilet Paper Spray?  

Let's face it - dry toilet paper does not actually "clean" anything. Do you "clean" your face, hands, or body with a dry piece of paper? No! You use soap, water, and a moist cloth. So why treat the dirtiest part of the body so differently?

Pristine instantly enhances dry toilet paper by lightly moistening the toilet paper with soothing aloe, pure apricot oil, and glycerin, which help toilet paper easily glide across skin for a superior wiping experience. Witch hazel (without alcohol) gently cleanses and freshens the area.

Pristine is an eco-friendly and more natural alternative to wet wipes so you can keep the comfort of wipes without the chemicals and clogged pipes!

Family portrait, Pristine perfect for entire family


1.  Spray Pristine 3-5 times directly onto folded toilet paper. 
2.  Wipe.
3.  Flush. Yes, flush! It won't clog pipes or septic systems. 

Who is Pristine great for?

The whole family and the entire butt-wiping public! Including:

Wet wipe users (former, current, and closet).  Wet wipes don't work for everyone whether it be because of skin irritation caused by synthetic fibers or harsh chemicals in the wipes, plumbing clogs and environmental concerns caused by wipes, or restrictions on wipe use (yes, some restroom venues do not permit wipe use!). Wet wipe users of the world, we welcome you to the Pristine movement.

Campers & Hikers.  Pristine offers campers and hikers a lightweight, portable, biodegradable cleansing option for when nature calls in nature.  Several days in a tent without a shower just got that much more comfortable!

Athletes.  Endurance athletes, you know how long those port-o-potty lines are before a race!  Probability tells us not everyone is going #1, and who wants to complete a multi-hour race after a sub-par cleaning experience?  Pristine's lightweight 1 oz bottle slips easily into your hydration pack, bike bag, race belt, or transition bag.  

Travelers & Cruisers.  Travelers inevitably find themselves in questionable restroom situations.  Pristine allows you to make unexpected airport bathroom visits much less devastating to a long day of travel.  And cruise ships prohibit flushing wet wipes. Pristine offers the perfect solution for a traveler on the high seas.

At Work.  Keep your portable 1 oz bottle of Pristine in your desk, briefcase, purse, or pocket so that your coworkers don't catch you wetting toilet paper or paper towels in the bathroom sink.

Seniors.  Are you a senior with sensitive skin?  Pristine offers a great non-irritating way to stay clean without risking a high plumbing bill.




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