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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I spray the toilet paper or the rear-end?

For adults and kids, Pristine can be sprayed directly onto toilet paper.  For diaper changes, Pristine can be sprayed onto cloth wipes, dry wipes, paper towel squares, or directly onto the rear-end.  

How many times should I spray?

We recommend between 3-5 sprays per wipe.  For diaper changes, it may be helpful to use a few more sprays.  This is a personal preference, so if you like more moisture, spray away!

How close should I hold the bottle to the toilet paper?

There’s no scientific formula, but about 2 inches works for us. If the toilet paper does not appear to be moist enough after 3-4 sprays, try holding the bottle closer to the toilet paper.

Does the toilet paper “bead” or tear while wiping (e.g., like with water)?

No way!  We were well aware that water just doesn't work, so we formulated Pristine with this in mind.  Pristine allows you to moisten toilet paper to provide an effective cleanse without destroying your TP.   We recommend double-folding the toilet paper (especially if you are using extra thin toilet paper) just in case. 

Is Pristine safe for my toilet, plumbing system, and/or septic tank?

Yes!  Pristine is made with ingredients similar to ingredients found in natural face, hair, and body cleansers.  Toilet paper is already natural and biodegradable, so you don't have to worry about eco-impact.  If you are using Pristine with dry wipes or paper towel for diaper changes, we do recommend discarding in the trash (as with non-flushable baby wipes).

I’ve read that some essential oils are safe to ingest. Since Pristine Sprays contains essential oils, is it safe to ingest?

No. Pristine Sprays are for external use only and should not be ingested or used internally.

Will Pristine's ingredients irritate skin?

Pristine was specially-formulated for the most sensitive skin.  The ingredients are natural, naturally-derived, and/or non-irritating.  However, some people may be extra sensitive, so if you develop an allergic reaction or any irritation, please stop use immediately and contact your physician.

My cat is old and she cannot clean herself as well as she used to. Can I use Pristine on my cat?

We have pledged to avoid animal testing, so we cannot say whether Pristine is safe for use on animals, and we don't recommend that you try to find out!  Cats, and many animals, cleanse themselves by licking their fur, so they could ultimately ingest the spray.




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