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We introduced our NEW Body Cleansing Sprays in October 2021. We want you to try our Sprays, and if it is helpful for you and your busy routine, share your (fabulous) experience with your fans and followers in hopes that the Body Cleansing Sprays will be a helpful tool for their lives too.  


Pristine’s Speed Shower is a shower in a bottle that removes sweat, dirt, oil, and odor, and leaves you feeling clean, refreshed, and energized like you just stepped out of the shower.

Chilean Soap Bark Extract, Kelp Extract, Aloe, and Witch Hazel cleanse, refresh, and hydrate. Natural fragrance oil will energize the senses. Ideal for on-the-go, at home, post-workout, post-work, post-sweat, post-travel, and anytime you need to feel fresh and clean. 

💦 Removes sweat, dirt, oil, and odor.
💦 Refreshes and energizes.
💦 Replenishes moisture back to the skin.
💦 Fast-drying and lightweight.
💦 No sticky residue.
💦 8 fl. oz. is equivalent to 1,600 sprays



Pristine's Mission
"Cleaner Products. Cleaner Planet. Cleaner People."

What started as a personal quest to solve a problem the founders were having in the bathroom evolved into the company mission to curate more natural, eco-friendly alternatives to wet wipe (body wipes, bottom wipes, hand wipes), to help reduce the number of wipes that- because they don't breakdown or biodegrade - clog pipes, litter the outdoors and natural areas, pollute landfills, pose risk to waterways, and remain on our plant for hundreds of years. There IS a more planet-friendly and more convenient way to keep clean.

Company History:  Pristine was founded in 2014, as a boot-strap, start-up company that created the new concept of Toilet Paper Sprays, a more natural and eco-friendly alternative to wet wipes. The two founders presented the Toilet Paper Sprays on Shark Tank in Jan. 2019. Shark Tank and 4 subsequent appearances on Good Morning America propelled Pristine from a hopeful start-up to a national brand and #1 seller on Amazon. Pristine stepped outside the bathroom industry during COVID to help produce hand sanitizer that was in short supply. They also began formulating another unique product, their Body Cleansing Sprays - Shower In A Bottle, which were introduced in October 2021 on Good Morning America.


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