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Baby Wipes Cost – Compare the Price of Different Types of Wipes

Baby wipes cost is on the mind of every parent.  But there are so many options:  non-flushable vs. flushable baby wipes, “natural” baby wipes, bamboo baby wipes, bulk vs. travel-sized baby wipes, alternatives to baby wipes, and the list goes on. 

Our goal is to provide you with an easy way to compare baby wipes price among the various brands, quantities, and types so that you can decide what's best for you.

Baby Wipes Cost Comparison

The best way to compare baby wipes cost is to look at the cost per wipe (total cost divided by the number of wipes in your purchase).  The cost per wipe allows you to standardize baby wipes cost across all brands, quantities, and types. 

The baby wipes cost results are in!  Here is what we did.

  • We compared several different websites, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and the brand’s own website, and selected the lowest baby wipes price.

  • We did not include tax, shipping, or any “special offers” in the baby wipes cost. 

  • We chose 2-3 quantities from each brand - a travel-sized, a mid-sized, and a bulk sized.

  • We ordered the baby wipes cost results from lowest cost per wipe to highest cost per wipe.

Brand Quantity Claim to be flushable? Claim to be for sensitive skin? Lowest Price Website Baby Wipes Cost Total Baby Wipes Cost Per Wipe
Huggies Natural Care Wipes 552 No Yes Amazon  $12.54  $0.023
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes 640 Yes Yes Walmart  $14.64  $0.023
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes 216 Yes Yes Target  $5.99  $0.028
Pristine Baby Wipe Alternative 1,600 Yes Yes Amazon; Company Website  $48.99  $0.031
Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes 64 Yes Yes Target  $1.99  $0.031
Seventh Generation 768 No Yes Amazon  $26.23  $0.034
Babyganics 800 No Yes Target  $27.99  $0.035
Huggies Natural Care Wipes 56 No Yes Target  $1.99  $0.036
Huggies Natural Care Wipes 168 No Yes Target  $5.99  $0.036
Seventh Generation 256 No Yes Walmart  $9.87  $0.039
Seventh Generation 64 No Yes Target  $2.89  $0.045
Water Wipes 720 No Yes Amazon  $40.84  $0.057
Honest Company Wipes 576 No Yes Target  $33.99  $0.059
Water Wipes 240 No Yes Amazon; Walmart  $14.36  $0.060
Aleva Naturals  480 Yes Yes Walmart  $29.97  $0.062
Honest Company Wipes 288 No Yes Target  $17.99  $0.062
Water Wipes 60 No Yes Target  $3.99  $0.067
Honest Company Wipes 72 No Yes Company Website  $4.95  $0.069
Pristine Baby Wipe Alternative 200 Yes Yes Company Website  $14.99  $0.075
Aleva Naturals  30 Yes Yes Walmart  $2.77  $0.092
Babyganics 120 No Yes Target  $13.39  $0.112
Babyganics 30 No Yes Target  $3.69  $0.123

The baby wipes cost may fluctuate after this article is published, so please let us know, and we will be happy to update the comparison!

Claims of “Flushability” and Suitability for Sensitive Skin

Flushability and safe ingredients are often at the forefront of parents minds these days.  We included a column to indicate whether the brand claims to be “flushable” or claims to be suitable for sensitive skin.  

While some wipes claim to be flushable, this may not be completely accurate.  You can find out more about whether wipes are actually flushable here

Similarly, while some wipes claim to be suitable for sensitive skin, some ingredients are better for sensitive skin than others.  For example, some wipes claim to be for sensitive skin, but contain phenoxyethanol, which has been identified as a potential skin irritant.

We point out these two issues only to emphasize the importance in investigating whether a brand’s claims are accurate.  Whether you trust a brand’s claims may ultimately influence your decision on the right baby wipes price for you.

Tips to Save More on Your Baby Wipes Cost

  1. Buy in Bulk.

This may be obvious, but the comparison above highlights this point.  Buying in bulk can reduce your cost per wipe by over half.  If you like the travel sizes, you can always consider separating your bulk purchase into multiple smaller travel-sized batches.

  1. Natural vs. Synthetic.

Some people care about ingredients in products and others don’t.  This is purely a personal preference.  Generally, you tend to pay more for products that use better quality ingredients or strive to reduce irritants. 

  1. Consider an alternative.

Baby wipe alternatives are becoming increasingly prevalent.  You can reduce your cost per wipe, while ensuring that your baby wipe is flushable and suitable for sensitive skin.  You can learn more about baby wipe alternatives here, and the environmental issues that traditional baby wipes are facing here.

  1. Check the company website.

Sometimes we found better baby wipes prices by purchasing directly from a company’s website.  Companies often receive better margins on purchases directly from their website, so they are often willing to offer a reduced price to drive traffic through their own website.  You can often get a baby wipes cost reduction this way.


We would love to hear your suggestions and input in the comments section below!

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